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Solar roof

For the implementation of China's commitments to the world energy conservation and emissions reduction targets, strengthening policy support new energy economy strategy, accelerate the application in the field of solar energy photovoltaic technologies in urban and rural construction, introduced the related ministries and commissions of the state solar roof plan.


The solar roof plan aims at solving problems such as inadequate design capability of integrated design of photoelectric building, low integration of optoelectronic products and buildings, difficulties of photoelectric grid connection and low market recognition.


Solar roof plan considering factors such as economic and social benefits, at this stage in the economic developed, good industrial foundation large and medium-sized cities actively promote solar photovoltaic roof, wall and other photovoltaic building integrated demonstration; We will actively support the development of off-grid power generation in rural and remote areas, implement the implementation of national policies for benefiting the people, and implement the policies of sending electricity to the countryside.


The solar roof plans to mobilize the initiative of all parties through demonstration projects to promote the implementation of relevant national policies. Strengthen the demonstration project publicity, expand the influence, enhance market recognition, and form a good social atmosphere for the development of solar photovoltaic products; We will promote the implementation of policies such as the online sharing of electricity tariffs to form a synergy of policies and magnify policy effects. As an important content of building energy conservation, the application of photoelectric building should be widely used in new buildings, energy conservation and urban lighting.


The sun roof policy limit demonstration project must be greater than 50 kw, which need at least 400 square meters of area of installation, general residential buildings are hard to participate in qualifying the owner will focus on schools, hospitals and government, public and commercial buildings. The cost of electricity can be reduced to 0.58 yuan/kWh after consideration of the subsidy. Solar feed-in tariff if you can give a premium on thermal power feed-in tariff is still not clear, but even without premium, because the cost is lower than the grid sales prices, building photovoltaic project owner still has power to power for private use, instead of purchasing electricity from the grid. Moreover, the cost of generating electricity will fall further if local governments can expect extra subsidies.

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